Client Ladbrokes Coral     

My Role  UI  Designer , Brand Designer   

Year 2015

Localoids is a community of travellers and locals who share culture, language, skills and knowledge. We connect and meet up around interests, and help each other with anything. It could be a local helping a traveller with local advice and experiences together, while a travellers helps a local with practicing their language, or their skills and knowledge. 


As a freelance visual designer my role was to create a first MVP very intuitive and visually very strong. Translate the wireframes into layouts, journeys, patterns...

Working alongside UX, marketers, BA, we worked together to create a new fresh and extremely mobile friendly product.


I worked alongside UX designers helping to create user journeys, prototypes, personas...


Cards were the core of the project. Everything was based on cards and this way we could scale the project and make it completely responsive.


Brand, Fonts, Colours, I was responsible for every detail. Marketers assisted me to create a new , fresh and young style. An application not just for young people but for everybody who want to travel in a different way.


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